What is the difference between CWSA™ and CWSA™ Best Value?

Office -

Thank you for your participation in CWSA™ - The Ultimate Accolade.

2x major competitions per year: Most entrants enter both competitions throughout the year annually as they are Judged on different aspects.

CWSA™ discovers the wines and spirits that will be major hits and boosts the potential and sales of boutique and major brands by giving them the recognition they deserve.

CWSA™ Best Value
CWSA™ Best Value tastes wines and spirits in the following categories...GBP FOB 5-8, 8-10, 10-15, 15-20, >20. Products are tasted at price levels, and medals are awarded to represent 'Best Value' giving all price points a chance to shine - and get the 'commercial' advantage. This is a crucial indicator for the market who are open to top tier expensive and more affordable wines and spirits and only buy what they know is the best quality for the price.

The key dates for your diary are kept uptodate on http://www.cwsa.org and it is now time to enter your products now for the forthcoming CWSA™ competition...http://www.cwsa.org/enter 

For assistance with your Entries, kindly email support@cwsa.org and will endeavour to reply to you in 24 hours. 

Wishing you success and an incredible season.

Very best regards,

CWSA™ Support

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