Are CWSA Medal Sticker Price and CWSA License to print the same?

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Thank you for your message to CWSA - officially the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China.

The fees for the CWSA Medal Stickers and CWSA License to Print are similar - with the saving of no postage for those that order License to Print.

The purpose of License to Print was primarily arranged for the convenience of Winners that have larger quantities of bottles to add their CWSA Medals.

Large scale usage of License to Print enables Winners to save man power to add to all bottles by hand and/or they can arrange their printing more efficiently without needing to find a machine that can attach stickers with the exact dimensions that CWSA Medals are issued at, can be time consuming/not easily accessible.

CWSA Medals showcase winning wines and spirits to buyers who are seeking the all important CWSA stamp of approval. Whether you are the Producer, Distributor, Importer or Retailer, now is your chance to celebrate and boost sales.

CWSA Winners choose what is more convenient for them to enhance their sales - and order Medal Stickers or the License to Print here...

Wishing you great success in the fastest growing wine and spirits market in the world.

CWSA Support

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