We are an Organic/BIO Producer. We want to enter both CWSA and CWSA BIO. Do we enter and pay entry fees for CWSA and CWSA BIO separately or can we make 1x application?

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Thank you for your message to CWSA, the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China.

Good news, when you enter your organic/bio products into CWSA on the entry form, the organic/bio entries automatically also become part of CWSA BIO. You only need to complete 1x entry form and fees and you will be participating in both.

The CWSA organisation supports organic products, and therefore all published CWSA Results include CWSA BIO Winners also and they are highlighted as such…

Read more about CWSA BIO here...

The entry and sample deadlines are kept live and uptodate online and we are looking forward to seeing your samples in the upcoming competition!

We wish you great success in the fastest growing wine and spirits market in the world.

Very best wishes,

CWSA Support

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