Can I stock/store my product at CWSA HQ till the next competition?

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Thank you for your question to CWSA, officially the biggest and most prestigious wine and spirits competition in Hong Kong and China.

Entries to CWSA will participate in the next CWSA competition - which is the competition named on official entry forms...

CWSA organisation will not store your samples for CWSA competitions in the future. The logistics and temperature controlled handling of all entries are taken very seriously.

You are recommended to send your samples to CWSA as early as samples are accepted so they are assured to participate.

Send TWO bottles of each entered wine/ ONE bottle of each entered spirit to one of the following addresses.

(For WINE/SPIRITS samples sent from International Origin/Hong Kong/Macau)
Attention To: CWSA
Address: Unit 8, 5/F, 25 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 5808 6008

(For WINE SAMPLES with less than 30% vol ONLY sent from WITHIN Mainland China)
深圳市光明区 光明街道 观光路 阿宝白花洞物流园 A 栋
Tel: +86 135 3762 1951
Contact: 方天

Good news - there is no tax/duty in Hong Kong for products with <30%vol.

It is time to enter your products now...

Wishing you great success in the fastest growing wine and spirits market in the world!

Best regards,

CWSA Support

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