We are pleased to win at CWSA™. Can we use our CWSA™ Medals for other Private Label/Private Reserve wines we make? It is the same wine, but different label and name on the bottle?

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Thank you for your message to CWSA™ - The Ultimate Accolade.

We appreciate your question about usage of your CWSA™ Medals on other ‘label’ wines with the ‘same’ wines.

The CWSA™ results and Medals are given for the wine and sample blind tasted by the CWSA™ Judges during CWSA™ Tasting Week. 

In order to protect the integrity of winning products, all CWSA™ winners and of the CWSA™ organisation, competition rules show that these awards and Medals are for usage only for the wines entered and placed. CWSA™ Medals and CWSA™ Medal Stickers may not be used for any other Private labels with the ‘same’ wine. We thank you for your understanding of this important competition rule which is for CWSA™ Winners benefit.

For further recommendations on how to promote your CWSA™ winning wine please visit
http://www.cwsa.org/promote/ and here for CWSA™ Medal Sticker orders http://www.cwsa.org/sticker-shop/

In order for your other wines to benefit from your CWSA™ status, you are welcome to enter you other brands/labels/private reserve in the next and forthcoming CWSA™ 

Thank you for your question and again congratulations on your success at CWSA™.

Very best wishes,

CWSA™ Support

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