We are a CWSA™ Winner and are ordering CWSA™ Medal Stickers. What is the inside and outside core diameter of a roll of medals to inform our bottler?

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Thank you for your message to CWSA™ - The Ultimate Accolade.

The inside core diameter of a roll of medals is ~7.6cm while the outside diameter is different in each medal:
Double Gold: ~12.2cm
Gold: ~11.2cm
Silver: ~12cm
Bronze: ~11.2cm

Please note that these dimensions may be subject to change.

The striking CWSA™ Medal Stickers are available via here and are an essential part of your quality products marketing and sales...http://www.cwsa.org/sticker-shop/

Entries are now being accepted for the forthcoming CWSA™ competition via here... http://www.cwsa.org/enter/

We wish you success and an incredible season.

Very best wishes,

CWSA™ Support

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