My package from CWSA™ was placed on hold by customs/courier/shipper. Do I have to pay for additional fees inorder to receive my CWSA™ Medal Stickers order?

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Thank you for your message to CWSA™ - The Ultimate Accolade.

CWSA™ send many thousands of sticker rolls to companies all around the world and no taxes are usually levied on arrival. Each parcel is accompanied by a proforma invoice stating the value as EUR1 and "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, NO COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION INVOLVED, WITHOUT CHARGE TO CONSIGNEE, VALUE FOR CUSTOMS PURPOSES ONLY".

CWSA™ does not report your invoice value to the courier company.

We suggest you present only the proforma invoice that accompanies the parcel for parcel acceptance in the future.

For further assistance, kindly email us at and we will endeavor to reply to you in 24 hours.

We wish you success and an incredible season.

Best regards,
CWSA™ Support

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