We are a CWSA™ Winner! Please can you send us a spreadsheet of all Winners for us to see all CWSA™ Results?

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Thank you for your message to CWSA™ - The Ultimate Accolade.

Good news, the Results for all CWSA™ competitions are live here...

These live Results are used throughout the year by Winners, Press and the Industry as the reference of the most suitable wines.

For best usage of the Results tables...

1. Please click on the name and year of the competition you have entered
2. Type the brand name into the search box
3. Filter by clicking the arrows beside the name/vintage/country/type (red/white/sparkling)/price/rating

The CWSA™ organisation does not supply competition Results in a spreadsheet format. We respectfully suggest using the search function on the Results page for your convenience and we hope you will find it helpful.

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We wish you success and an incredible season.

Very best regards,

CWSA™ Support

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